Reusable Monopolar Forceps

Offered in both reusable and Liberty disposable models, Kirwan Surgical Products’ monopolar forceps are complete with serrated tips which can be straight or angled. Handswitching forceps are also available.


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Reusable Straight Monopolar Forceps

Reusable straight monopolar forceps are insulated stainless steel forceps offered in a variety of lengths and tip sizes. Available styles of these forceps include Jewelers, Adson and Pottsmith.

Reusable Bayonet Monopolar Forceps

Reusable bayonet monopolar forceps come in insulated stainless steel and multiple lengths and tip sizes. The tips of these forceps are serrated and can be purchased angled.

Reusable Handswitch Monopolar Forceps

Reusable Handswitching monopolar forceps are insulated stainless steel and available in various lengths. Offered in both curved and straight styles, these forceps come standard with serrated 2.0mm tips and are sold with a 10 foot cord.