Maintenance & Repairs

Kirwan prides itself on repairing and refurbishing instruments to the same quality standard as newly manufactured instruments. Routine maintenance lengthens the life of your instruments, and the cost benefits associated with refurbishing a forceps, as opposed to replacing it, are great.

It is important to note that Kirwan Surgical’s AURA™ bipolar forceps are manufactured using patented processes to achieve an elite non-stick effect. If AURA™ bipolar forceps are refurbished by a company other than Kirwan, these patented processes won’t be applied, the refurbished forceps won’t be the same, and the AURA™ elite non-stick effect will be compromised.

Many of Kirwan’s processes and formulas for building instruments are patented, and Kirwan has validated all of their procedures and testing methods within ISO Quality System Standards. You may choose to utilize any vendor to refurbish your Kirwan forceps, but doing so may compromise the instrument.

For additional information on maintenance and repairs, please contact Customer Service at 888-547-9267.