I/A Handpieces

Our reusable I/A Handpieces are lightweight, injection molded and autoclavable. The I/A handpieces are offered in straight, gentle curved, 45 degree curved, 90 degree curved and 155 degree Binkhorst styles. All are available with dual 0.5mm irrigating ports and a 0.3mm aspiration port.


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Bimanual Handpieces

Reusable Bimanual Handpieces are lightweight, injection molded, and autoclavable. Each handpiece is made with straight tips and a curved shaft. The irrigating handpieces are available in 21 gauge and 23 gauge tubing sizes with dual 0.5mm side ports. The aspirator comes 23 gauge with a 0.3mm aspiration port and the aspirator tip has a textured surface to aid in polishing the posterior capsule.

Cannula Holder

Kirwan Surgical Products’ reusable Cannula Holder is designed to securely hold standard single use ophthalmic cannulas. The holder is lightweight, injection molded and autoclavable. The handpiece comes with a standard irrigation fitting on the backend. An adapter is included that will allow the holder to be easily converted from an irrigation handle to an aspiration handle.