Kirwan Surgical’s cords, renowned for their flexibility, suppleness and durability are unsurpassed in the industry. Monopolar and bipolar cords are both available in disposable and reusable styles and can accommodate a variety of instrument and generator connections including fixed pin and flying lead styles.


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Bipolar cords

Kirwan Surgical Products’ reusable bipolar cords are more robust than other cords on the market. The unique construction and superior materials provide longer life and maximum flexibility even with repeated autoclaving.

Kirwan’s disposable bipolar cords represent the maximum in flexibility. These cords employ a unique plastic and non-memory wiring material that allows the cord to easily uncoil and lay flat when removed from the sterile package.

Bipolar Irrigating Cords

Kirwan Surgical Products’ line of bipolar irrigating cords fits all standard bipolar irrigating generators. The ergonomic patented single piece extrusion and pyramidal shape allow for a lighter weight tubing set and optimum fluid flow. Roller clamp features allow for the adjusting of flow while the silicone “O” ring keeps the irrigation channel and wire neatly together even when used with a non-irrigating bipolar forceps.

Monopolar Cords

Kirwan’s line of monopolar cords comes both reusable and disposable in a standard 10 foot length. They are available with several different connector options and fit many monopolar endoscopic instruments.


Kirwan Surgical Products Adapters’ are offered in both monopolar and bipolar configurations with a variety of connector styles. Kirwan’s adapters allow standard cords or instruments to fit generators with unique plugs.