Bipolar Generators

Kirwan Surgical Products offers a variety of generators ranging from 20-Watts, 40-Watts and 70-Watts. Each generator is lightweight and offers ease of use in any surgical environment or procedure.


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20W Bipolar Generator

Kirwan’s 20-Watt bipolar generator is ideal for ophthalmology and small office-based procedures. Weighing less than two pounds, this generator has an adjustable front panel which angles up approximately 30 degrees for better visibility. This generator also features touch-pad control which allows the user to easily adjust all generator settings. An audible tone and activation light is observed when the generator is in use.

40W Bipolar Generator

This 40-Watt COA-COMP generator is lightweight, cost-effective and ideal for any surgical environment requiring precise bipolar coagulation. The advanced computer control system detects tissue impedance on contact for precise delivery of bipolar energy. When in automatic mode, the generator activates only when in contact with tissue allowing the generator to be used without the footswitch.

70W Bipolar Generator

The 70-Watt bipolar generator is available in irrigating and non-irrigating models. The irrigating model gives the user the option of adding irrigating solution to the surgical site via a peristaltic pump when the generator is activated.

This compact, ergonomic generator displays all power settings digitally with a user-friendly touchscreen that can be adjusted for optimal viewing. The machine will display the output in multiple modalities with total coagulation time shown as well.